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Post by Admin on Sat Jun 29, 2013 7:33 pm

False Flag Recruitment

False Flag is always looking for exceptional players of all classes and specs to reinforce our roster. We expect and demand the best from all our players. Before you apply make sure you have a decent understanding of the class you will be playing, that you are up to date with the current content and can answer questions we have regarding the choices you have made with your character. Make sure you have the dedication, and motivation to keep pushing it, and that you are able to put in extra time during progression. It's also very good if you are comfortable playing alts at a competitive level, as we like to have many options when we make the raid setups.

Sometimes farm-raids can go past midnight, but a typical raid during farm-mode is starting at 20.00 and ending at midnight. During progress the time for raids will greatly increase. We go on every boss that we can. When a new instance is released you can expect several days of 7h+ raiding, for as long as we need to, and are able to as a team. If you for some reason have a problem with committing time, we are not interested in your application.

During progress, you need to have your potion and food/oil supply very high. Your ego should not be a problem. With a large roster, players will be put on the bench. Some classes are not good for an encounter, so it will be great if you have a geared alt character which can fulfill the requirements of the boss we are on, or you will sit on the bench.

As a community we are naturally competitive, this means you need to be socially capable and respond well to pressure. While we do not endorse abusive behavior, all raiders should be mature enough to be able to take some teasing and heat when situations arise. Raid spots are earned, not given. You can expect to become part of a guild which loves raiding, a strong community of like-minded individuals all working toward the same goal. A mature community which values your life outside of WoW and will respect it as you respect us.

Monday 20.00-00.00
Wednesday 20.00-00.00
Thursday 20.00-00.00

Looting System:
Raider/Core MS Prio.

25-man: Loot Council

Karazhan: Cleared.
Gruul: Cleared.
Magtheridon: Cleared.

Resto - 1
Shadow - 1
Resto - 2
Combat - 1

Hope to see you soon in our raids! <3


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